Our five pillars explained

  • Better Customer Experience

    The needs of our customers come first. Our products and services are designed around this principle: attractively priced, offering exceptional service and convenience.

  • Better Business

    Sustainability contributes to long-term business success, for us and our customers, as it leads to economic development, a healthy environment and consequently a stable society.

  • Better Workplace

    The operating environment for financial institutions is undergoing fundamental changes and our long-term business depends on being resilient to them with the help of the right people.

  • Better Environmental Footprint

    Our ongoing assessment stresses us to further reduce our own carbon footprint, directly through our actions and indirectly through the effects our business.

  • Better Communities

    ING believes in making a positive contribution to the many communities it operates in around the world. A strong and healthy community has far-reaching benefits – to its businesses, inhabitants and future generations.