Interview Sarah Keizer

Better Workplace

"Employees are the engine of growth"

Sarah Keizer
Head of Performance Culture and Change
ING Group

In your job as Head of Performance, Culture and Change, what are you particularly proud of?

“Well, I would have to say the work we have done in the area of employee engagement. Each year our Winning Performance Culture Survey provides us with a snapshot of what our employees are thinking and feeling. This year, we were pleased to see that, company-wide, our employees are still proud to work for ING and say we are a good employer. Of course, we also could see the influence of the external environment in the results. But at a time when the entire financial sector is reassessing its role, I am
proud that ING’s culture and fundamental values seem to be sound.”

What kind of behaviour does ING expect from its senior management? And have our expectations changed as a result of the financial crisis?

“In 2011, ING relaunched its management behaviour model and gave it the new name ‘Orange Leadership’. The model reflects our belief that leadership begins with self-awareness; that managers should behave in line with our values and business principles; and that they spend their time setting a clear direction and getting the best out of our people to achieve sustainable results. And in everything they do, they need to take account of our customers, society and the environment. While the financial crisis emphasised the need for clarity about ING’s leadership behaviours, we were planning to refresh the model in preparation for becoming a stand-alone bank."

Are ING’s senior managers assessed on sustainability targets?

“Yes, since 2011 our Management Council members must include an objective related to sustainability as part of their personal objectives. Additionally, our senior managers are assessed on the achievement of both business objectives and their behaviour as managers. Management behaviour - or - how well they live up to the ING Orange Leadership behaviours - accounts for 50% of their final performance rating. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure both what they do and on how they do it are part of the performance evaluation.”