ING Group Sustainability Report 2012

The ING in Society report describes our role in society and our sustainable initiatives in 2012. It covers the financial year from January 2012 to December 2012.

The report provides an update on the company’s social and environmental strategy and performance in 2012. It contains data on different aspects of our business and operations, and aims to service the information needs of our stakeholders, such as customers, employees and the sustainable investor community.

Collecting data for this report

In order to obtain the relevant data for this report, ING business units over which we have management control, and which have more than 100 FTEs submitted their environmental and social performance data to the ING Sustainability department. In addition, a few selected business units with fewer than 100 FTEs submitted performance data to be included in the overall process. This information is collected through a proprietary, online sustainability data-collection tool.

Reporting standards and assurance

We continue to use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G3.1) as our core sustainability reporting framework, reporting at an A+ level (GRI checked). In addition, we have reported on performance indicators specific to the financial services sector according to the GRI’s Financial Services Sector Supplement (FSSS).

In 2012, we changed assurance providers and started working with KPMG, whom we requested to provide limited assurance on the full ING in Society Report 2012. Please refer to KPMG’s Assurance Report on page 79 of the Report for more details.

Integrating financial and non financial reporting

ING has incorporated a chapter on its sustainability strategy in the annual financial report since 1995. In 2011 we started to integrate sustainability performance data in our quarterly financial reports. In 2012, we no longer have a separate chapter on sustainability in ING’s Annual Financial Report, but integrate relevant updates on our sustainability performance throughout the various sections. We believe an integrated approach to reporting provides readers with greater context in evaluating our performance. However, we acknowledge that fully integrated reporting will require further adjustment, alignment and integration of systems and processes. This is work in progress. The publication date of this ING in Society Report is aligned with the ING Group Annual Report 2012.

Performance figures