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Going beyond business as usual in Asia!

4 Mar 2013For better communities

ING colleagues in Asia have had a busy year going beyond just their business as usual to give back to the communities around them. With the common theme being children, education and environmental awareness, our Asian colleagues have cycled, walked, planted trees, treated school students to educational outings and much more to do their bit towards a better society and planet.

In the spirit of “Earth Hour”, a group of eco-lovers from Hong Kong Branch had chosen a “Green” way to save energy by spending five hours in the nature. 26 ING staff including their families and friends participated in the “Eco-Walk” organized by the Hong Kong Staff Club and raised funds  to WWF-HK for Earth Hour.  They hiked along the Tai Tam Country Park which is located in the Hong Kong Island.  The tour covered not only the beautiful countryside but he had also provided valuable botanic and historical information.

The ING Vysya Foundation in India along with Services and Market-product team  launched a campaign - "Orange Wave" with the sole objective of keeping their neighbourhood clean and contributing to the environment. 160 employees of ING Vysya Bank walked from the office to Cubbon Park (an old and very famous park in Bangalore) to clean up litter, plastics and other dry waste. The Orange Wave did not stop its activity by just undertaking a one-day clean up drive. A flash mob of ING Vysya Bank employees also hit the streets the following week in a surprise cleanliness drive. Over 40 bank employees cleaned select spots in MG Road equipped with several cleaning equipment and zeal to work. After two hours of action, several passersby on the Saturday morning were pleasantly surprised by the new look and difference the sportive mob made to those spots in MG Road where they had laboured. 

ING Shanghai came together as a branch to actively take part in the “Yuzhai Project” under the Chances for Children program. The project aimed to provide sustainable educational support to the children of Yuzhai school located in one of China’s rural regions, and home to the Miao ethnic Chinese minority group. Organised by ING Shanghai and NGO, Eyoutrip, its maiden trip kicked off by giving 9 school children from the Guizhou province a memorable day of joy to discover both the wonders of the city of Shanghai and the ocean surrounding it. ING Shanghai raised the money for these first activities of the project from their own ranks at an auction at the Branch’s Annual Dinner, which were in turn further enhanced by the Central CR Fund so that the project does not only comprise of fun but also of scholarships that invest in the long-term prospects of the young people.

With 2 accompanying teachers and 1 parent representative, the 7 to 11 year-olds travelled 24 hours by train to Shanghai from Guizhou’s hilly and mountainous region, to enjoy their first summer camp in Shanghai. Their trip included visits to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, the Shanghai World Financial Center and the ING branch offices where several children who excelled academically in Yuzhai school were awarded scholarship certificates.

15 staff from Hong Kong and Shanghai paid a return visit to Guizhou with a mission to offer support to Yuzhai School. There is no full access to the national education resources nor modern amenities for the Miao children in the mountainous region of Kaili (凯里), where Yuzhai School (鱼寨小学) is located. From funds raised by ING employees and subsidy from the Central CR Fund, a rice steamer, a multipurpose table with inbuilt heater; a printer; laminator; etc were donated to alleviate the educational and living aspects of the school. Goodie bags with hats/scarf/gloves, candies and stationeries were also distributed to the children. For those children who received scholarship from the ING Bank Shanghai CFC program, a special visit to their homes was arranged by the school principal.

In Singapore, the ING staff cycled seven days to complete a gruelling 750km ride from Bangkok to Phuket for the ‘Tour of Hope’ to raise funds for school children in Thailand. In keeping with the spirit of the tour school children were gifted orange coloured bikes to help them get to school.

A salute to all colleagues in Asia, for these creative, educative, sporty and hopefully fun initiatives and the strong commitment to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate!

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