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Learning about money whilst becoming a virtual superstar

5 Mar 2013For a better customer experience

ING in the Netherlands has launched the ‘Fame Game’, a free mobile game for the iPad that gives youngsters the chance to become a top pop star. Young people, aged 10 to 15 will be able to earn money in a virtual world by making the right choices, both financial and other, while at the same time working on their superstar image.

This is the first game in the Netherlands to use ‘iPawn®’ technology, which combines iPad games with special physical AppCards®.  ‘Fame Game’ was developed with games manufacturer Royal Jumbo and Universal Music, and fulfils the learning goals and competences set by the Dutch National Institute for Family Finance Information (Nibud) for young people on managing money responsibly.

Young people who sign-up at www.ing.nl/superster will be in with a chance of experiencing ‘Fame Game’ in real life for a day. The lucky winners will get to spend a day with Dutch hip-hop artist Kraantje Pappie, who will tell them all about being a superstar and, what they should (and shouldn't) do to make it big themselves.

ING and financial education for young people
As a financial institution we feel it’s our responsibility to prepare young people to become financially independent. We support future generations to achieve financial independence by sharing our core knowledge, expertise and skills. We do so by investing time and other resources to educate youth on various financial issues. If you would like to read more about what we do in this field, please click here.

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