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Staff fundraising up by 71% at ING DIRECT Australia

4 Mar 2013For better business

ING DIRECT Australia’s sustainability program continued to gain traction in 2012, with the number of individuals taking part in a volunteer activity increasing by 43%, and total volunteer hours also rising by 22%. In addition, staff fundraising jumped by an incredible 71% to total over $60,000 in donations to community partners and emergency appeals.

Fleur Townley, Sustainability Manager, said, “It’s been encouraging to see so many of our staff participate in our sustainability program so far; not only with our community partners but also in an environmental capacity.” 

ING Direct Australia’s sustainability approach
ING Direct Australia’s commitment to sustainability focuses on the shared value that can be created for both society and the organization by balancing social, environmental and economic considerations in managing their business.

ING Direct Australia’s commitment centres around four key areas:

  • Community - maximising our positive impact as a business in the broader community
  • Environment - minimising our environmental footprint
  • People - being an employer of choice and a cool, fair and easy place to work
  • Customers - treating our customers fairly and doing business responsibly and transparently.

More information about this approach could be found here.

Increase in volunteering and fundraising
The increase in volunteering (by 43%) and fundraising (by 71%) in 2012, is a result of ING Direct’s clear commitment towards the four key areas in their sustainability approach and the consistent efforts to engage employees along the way. For volunteering for instance, ING Direct Australia offers a wide portfolio of activities in the field of team (unskilled) volunteering, skilled volunteering and strategic volunteering for their community partners. In 2012, over 250 volunteer opportunities were offered.

A snapshot of Australia’s sustainability achievements
Take a look at this infographic, for a snapshot of the 2012 achievements in the field of sustainability:

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